ShipWeight User Meeting May 2017 – at SAWE Conference

ShipWeight User Group Meeting

The 11th ShipWeight User Group meeting will be held in conjunction with the SAWE International Conference in May, 2017 in Montreal, Canada. We hope that you can attend the meeting and, in addition, benefit from all that the SAWE Conference has to offer, including training, technical presentations, standards and practices sessions, and the opportunity to meet and learn from others in the field of mass properties.

A draft agenda will be sent in future emails, but we’re always open to suggestions from attendees. This is your meeting, and we want you to get as much information out of it as possible to help you in your day-to-day work. Possible topic areas might include:

  • How to use particular features in ShipWeight
  • How to accomplish a particular task/workflow
  • New features that you’d like to see in a future version

Please let us know what you’d like to have covered in the meeting.

This year, the User Group meeting will be broken into two sessions, with the first in the afternoon of Sunday, May 21st and the second in the morning of Monday, May 22nd. This format will allow greater flexibility for those who would like to attend some of the other events being held during the SAWE International Conference.

The meeting will be of interest to active ShipWeight users as well as those who are considering acquiring it. Sunday’s session will focus on the new features and improvements in ShipWeight Version 12, and Monday’s session will explore some of the more advanced features in ShipWeight. Both sessions are intended to be interactive, with questions and discussion from the group.

The meeting is also an excellent opportunity to meet other ShipWeight users in an informal setting for exchanging experiences and discussions on best practices. Last, but not least, it is a great opportunity to provide feedback to BAS Engineering as developers of ShipWeight and participate in making priorities for future development of the software.

Hope to see you in Montreal!


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