ShipWeight presents ExpressMarine

ShipWeight has aquired the company and product ExpressMarine (

ExpressMarine is a Rhino plug-in for fast and flexible modelling of ship structure for the calculation of structural weight and center of gravity. Starting out with a hull shape (and, if available, a general arrangement), the modelling process is of the vessel structure is carried out through the parametric definition of objects, which in turn are related to each other.

Objects are generated through algorithms and automation of repetitive tasks, making ExpressMarine an extremely fast modeler. The result is a dynamic and associative vessel topology that can handle changes without hassle and update the model rapidly and efficiently.

ExpressMarine lets the user assign weight group information to the model. The weight groups can be defined by volume areas for modules (or sections) or by assigning a weight group ID to the various objects types. In either case the weight and center of gravity information is calculated and summarized for the weight groups and can be exported to ShipWeight.

Please see the website ExpressMarine ( for more information and download the trial version today!


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